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Hi! I'm Luke! I've been fascinated with filmmaking my entire life, and have always wanted to create films ever since I was little.  My goal in life is to tell great stories and move people through my work. I enjoy telling stories about real people more than anything else, and I put my all into every film I make. Weddings are incredible moments in life, and I will capture the story of your wedding day as beautifully and exciting as it felt on the day.  I strive to be timely, clear, communicative, and to make this processes as easy and stress-free for you as possible. I know weddings can be overwhelming, but they should also be a ton of fun!


Hi there, I’m Kat! I’ve always had a special place in my heart for cameras since my dad is a professional photographer and I’ve grown up around camera equipment my whole life. I love the artistic side of filming weddings and creating new and stunning shots for each couple. It’s so fun to see the couple bring out their personality and style and how they incorporate it into their special day.

Together for five years, we met in college at CU Boulder! We love the adventures filming throughout C0lorado brings, and we love to travel!

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